Abraham Lincoln gelatin glass plate interpositive

This Abraham Lincoln interpositive was a year-long project in which Katharine researched and experimented with methods to conserve this iconic image of Abraham Lincoln.

Click on an image below to see the detailed care that Katharine applies to her work. 

Glass Plate Negative Repair

This 4 x 5-inch gelatin silver glass plate negative was shattered into many pieces. The plate was cleaned and repaired and the losses to the image were in-painted. 

Photo Booth Strip Repair

This photo strip was a precious object of the owner’s that had seen a lot of wear. There were creases, folds, cracked emulsion, image loss and surface soil (dirt). The treatment involved surface cleaning, flattening of the creases, consolidation of lifting emulsion and inpainting of image losses.

Ambrotype Cleaning and Cover Glass Replacement

This ambrotype was dirty and had a broken cover glass. The image plate and brass mat were cleaned, and it was decided to replace the broken cover glass with more stable, modern glass. There was no original case, so a modern, archival case was constructed for the piece.


Ambrotype repair

This passepartout housed ambrotype required treatment for heavy surface soil, backing material loss, and housing repair. The ambrotype and cover glass were cleaned, and the backing material was consolidated. Additional backing material was added, and the plate was rehoused in the original passepartout frame, which was repaired and in-painted.



Lenticular Print Cleaning and Repair

This lenticular print came into the lab very dirty and mounted to thick, acidic wooden particle board.  The treatment involved surface cleaning the image side of the print and paring away and removing the particle board and adhesive, while preserving the artist’s information.




Daguerreotype Cleaning

This one-of-a-kind Daguerreotype required treatment to remove a white haze that disfigured the image surface, and rehousing. The image plate was removed from its case and washed to remove the haze. After drying, the plate was resealed, and rehoused in its original case.


Water Damage Repair

This original Ansel Adams photograph was damaged when water was dripped on the surface and someone wiped it away, removing the image layer.  The treatment involved building up the lost image material and inpainting the fills to reintegrate the areas.



Ambrotype Cleaning

This ambrotype was brought to the lab with severe surface soil and glass deterioration of the cover glass. The plate package was opened, and the image plate and cover glass cleaned. The plate was then rehoused in its original case.


Ambrotype Cleaning and Repair

This ambrotype was broken into two pieces and had suffered image loss along the broken edge. The treatment involved surface cleaning, repair of the broken glass support, and in-painting of the lost image areas. The stabilized image was then rehoused in its original brass mat and sealed with toned paper tape.